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Put Con Dao (Ba Ria-Vung Tau) became the international tourism
Before April 30, 1975, Con Dao only prison, watchtowers and barracks. After 34 years Con Dao has gradually become a prosperous island, and is being built into a tourist center service quality. Con Dao Island is a district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, located in the waters southeast of the Fatherland. Con Dao district of the islands including 16 islands, 76km2 area with a population of more than 6000 people.

Con Dao has the historical revolution of the country, where stored and educational tradition of patriotism for generations of Vietnam and many relics and landscapes. Con Dao Island is situated close to international maritime lines, many international air routes across the region. These are the potential strengths to develop Con Dao Island into a tourist center service quality.

On October 25, 2005 Prime Minister's Decision 264 with the approval of proposals for economic development and social Con Dao district to 2020. Of opinion, will develop Con Dao into the tourist economy - service quality, associated with conservation and embellished special relics Revolution in Vietnam, and developing advanced value National Park Con Dao, Con Dao construction matched with pre-position targets, contributing actively in the process of open international economic integration, ensuring security and defense.Con Dao have developed long-term vision towards the modern world and in the stable, sustainable, effective with the appropriate step, make the breakthrough from the first stage create conditions promoting the potential Features and advantages of Con Dao.

From the perspective developed as a result, the actual situation today Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau is conducted to adjust the overall planning for economic development and social adjustment of planning to build three regional centers of the Con Dao Con Dao National Park, historic Revolutionary Con Dao and adjust planning tourist Con Dao. In parallel, the construction of a specific policy mechanisms to Con Dao, building regulations on economic zones to Con Dao, build mechanisms to attract investment to develop Con Dao.

Mr. Phan Hoa Binh (Chairman's Committee of Con Dao District) said: At this time, according to the Decision of the Prime Minister, the Con Dao enjoy the most preferential mechanism of the State of Vietnam. However, for the Con Dao economy we have to build mechanisms and policies on tax, investment, finance and other fields to suit the situation and characteristics of the locality. If the consent of all levels and sectors and the Prime Minister for approval, permission, Con Dao island hopes will attract more businesses and foreign investment, business in Con Dao.

In planning, we always consider. Our ancestors have left us Con Dao - it is a treasure. If we are not planning standard Con Dao, Con Dao is not developing in the right direction, then we will lose the Con Dao.
We are sitting here and enjoy the happiness are. For that, Con Dao has more than two cell mobilization and patriotic soldiers Revolutionary Left permanently located here. Along with the memory of those who have sacrificed their own lives for the independence-freedom of our country, we need to remind those who are living, both domestically and abroad, about patriotism, often said , direction of where his heart original point races.
Socio-economic development in Con Dao, which is the focus of tourism development is not only to the people of Vietnam but also international friends know about Con Dao. To Con Dao Island to see the crimes of the invaders as well as the excavations will to power of those revolutionary patriots and soldiers, as well as find out the potential of Con Dao Today
With the decision of the Prime Minister, the determination of the people living and working in Con Dao, with the interest of everyone to Vietnam Con Dao, Con Dao sure that will be developed. The main development of the Con Dao today is the answer to will to fight of the Vietnam patriotism.
With the development of Con Dao today and with planning approval in the 50-10 year Con Dao will become a tourist area with its excellent regional and stature in the world. To achieve that, the province is calling for investors at home and abroad, including overseas compatriots abroad have the potential to make investments for us to turn Con Dao Con Dao from "hell" becomes pearl island as desired by the country towards the same cell Con Dao. In addition to projects in tourism, training, construction ... Con Dao will also have a training center national sports ...
Source: VOV website



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